Montagsemo #3 – Saves The Day – Rocks Tonic Juice Magic

Konnten Sätze wie „When I think of all the things you’ve done. Boardwalks and breaking waves made our Saturdays. I’d buy you lemonade right now, if you were here. But then I’d throw it in your face and I’d listen to you cry and I’d remember how I miss our nights under ocean skies. You and I are like when fire and the ocean floor collide.“ Tage retten? „Montagsemo #3 – Saves The Day – Rocks Tonic Juice Magic“ weiterlesen

Montagsemo #1 – Dashboard Confessional – So Impossible

Endlich ist sie da. Die neue Reihe auf JG. „Montagsemo #1 – Dashboard Confessional – So Impossible“ weiterlesen