Jahrgangsgeräusche Adventskalender 2014 – #23

I was born in Germany while my father was studying and working there between 1954 to 1966. My older sister was also born in Germany. Probably in December 1964 my father recorded me and my sister singing the traditional song “O Tannenbaum”. My mother’s voice is there also while she helps us through the text. Later one I sing a short solo in my “southern German” I have completely lost today. „Jahrgangsgeräusche Adventskalender 2014 – #23“ weiterlesen

Kino 3 – 35mm-Filmprojektor FP30 D – Wasserkühlung

„Kino 3 – 35mm-Filmprojektor FP30 D – Wasserkühlung“ weiterlesen