Grafikaustausch-Format des Tages Vol.18: Shelly Johnson

Shelly dropped out of high school to marry trucker Leo Johnson, who had swept her off her feet by lavishing her with attention.
As soon as they got married, it became clear that Leo just „wanted a maid he didn’t have to pay for,“ in the words of Shelly. Leo is a monstrous home dictator, wife-beater, and dangerous criminal, and he is tangibly connected to Laura Palmer’s murder.
Shelly has been having an affair with Laura’s boyfriend, Bobby Briggs. Bobby, like Laura, is still in high school, and besides being a jock, he’s something of a known hooligan. Although Bobby doesn’t quite tread on the right side of the law, he is at least kind to Shelly, unlike Leo. The risk of the affair is great; Bobby deals drugs for Leo and knows just how dangerous Leo is. Leo eventually finds out, and tries to kill Shelly by tying her up inside the Packard Saw Mill and setting it on fire. However Catherine Martell, who was also meant to die in the fire, reluctantly frees Shelly and helps her escape. Catherine, however, vanishes.
During the show’s second season, Leo lapses into a catatonic state after being shot by Hank Jennings. Shelly is forced to quit her job at the Double R Diner to take care of Leo at home, where she and Bobby openly flaunt their relationship in front of him, mainly out of frustration that his monthly disability benefits are almost completely used up by the costs of keeping him at home. When Leo awakens from his catatonia and tries to kill Shelly, Bobby comes to Shelly’s defense and fights with Leo. Shelly manages to stab Leo in the leg with a knife, and the wounded Leo staggers off into the woods. Shelly later asks Norma for her old job at the Double R Diner, which Norma gladly gives back to her. Shelly – along with Donna Hayward and Audrey Horne – later receives fragments of poetry from former FBI man Windom Earle, as part of Earle’s elaborate scheme. At the urging of Bobby, Shelly enters the Miss Twin Peaks contest, which is ultimately won by Annie Blackburn. In Shelly’s last appearance Bobby proposes marriage to her, which she would like to accept were it not for the fact that she is still married to Leo.


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